"Bring harmony to your family!"‘If one is capable of living deeply one moment of their life
They can learn to live the same way all the other moments of their life’   (Thich Nhat Hanh)


Some of the areas Addressed

Relationship Enrichment – Premarital counseling, Couple /Marital relationship enrichment, Divorce/separation Recovery, Child/Parenting issues, Individual/ Personal issues (abuse, depression, anxiety, panic attacks), Family conflicts, Managing grief/loss/anger, Substance abuse etc.

Child and Student Development – Leadership skills, Personality/Career development, Motivation and Self esteem, Critical/Creative thinking, Life Skills, School /Peer Challenges etc.

Corporate Skills – Professional Development, Inter/Intra personal skills, Team work, Organizational skills, Time management, Decision making/ Assertiveness, Stress/anxiety Management etc.
She focuses on developing life skills and works from a preventive holistic perspective aiming at an integration of the mind, body and spirit thus empowering people to take charge of their lives.